Why Cats Need Grooming

Hello Everyone! 

For this month, I wanted to delve into why you should get your cat groomed on a regular basis.
I’ve heard a lot of excuses, “Oh, my cat is shorthaired. He doesn’t need to be groomed” or “My Maine coon is really fluffy, and he cleans himself by licking! And his hair is so soft, so he doesn’t need grooming.”

Actually, it’s a bit of a different story. Against what many people think, cats don’t clean themselves. Instead, they lick themselves and spread their saliva all over their bodies (gag). This saliva doesn’t remove matted hair, grease, germs, dandruff, urine, litter box remains, or whatever they many have picked up around the house (what about that bug you caught Fluffy rolling on earlier? Now he has bug remains all over his face, body, and…well, you get  the picture). Furthermore, if the cat is licking all this off themselves, it’s really not good for their immune  system and can lead to different diseases and sickness.

And now I’m hearing more objections, “My cat hates the water! It scares him!” or “Bathing a cat sounds like a great way to get snapped at.”  While it’s true that dunking a cat into a bath is terrifying for both of you (those claws slash around pretty  fast), bringing them into a trained cat groomer is less stressful for both of you. A cat is recommended to be groomed every six weeks so they can maintain an optimal coat and health.

Benefits are everywhere! Once bathed, you’ll have:  A clean and fluffy cat, less to no shedding, less to no hairballs, closely trimmed nails, clean rear end, no more dandruff, and fewer allergy problems for cat and owner.

Understanding how cat’s coats operate is the first step to getting them the grooming they need!
I’d love to talk with you more about how I can help take the stress out of cat grooming. Feel free to give me a call at (864) 520-1545 or email me at liviesloftcatgrooming@gmail.com.

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Gracee Owen