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Gracee Owen, CFMG

Gracee started out grooming dogs for 2 years before finding her passion for grooming cats.  In 2014 she attended National Cat Groomers Institute of America, passing all of her exams gaining the title of Certified Feline Master Groomer.

She enjoys using her skills solving problems every cat runs into, matting, shedding, and hairballs to name a few. Being allergic to cats herself. She understands the importance of getting the cat clean to reduce the allergy causing protein that is in their saliva, giving allergy sufferers relief in the household.  

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Grooming by appointment only, call us at (864) 520-1545

We are near the intersection of Highway 14 and Pelham Road, attached to the Rocky Creek Veterinary Resort at 111 Ebenezer Rd, Greer, SC 29651.